-Non Added Preservative

-Natural Coloring

-Halal Certified

-BRC Certified


Fresh Drinks

1.Fresh White Soya Milk (Chill)

2.Fresh Waterchestnut Sugarcane (Chill)

3.Fresh Black Soya Milk (Chill)

4.Fresh Honey Aloe Vera (Chill)

5.Fresh Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea (Chill)

6.Teh Tarik (Chill)

7.Syrup Bandung (Chill)

8.Cincau Ais (Chill)

9.Limau Ais (Chill)

10. Customize Drinks



1.Barbecue Sauce

2.Black Pepper Sauce

3.Butter Chicken Sauce

4.Chicken Bolognese Sauce

5.Chili Sauce (Chicken Rice)

6.Cream Of Mushroom Soup

7.Creamy Salted Egg Sauce

8.Dhal Curry

9.Garlic Butter

10.Ginger & Garlic Paste

11.Green Curry Sauce

12.Chicken Rice Soy Sauce

13.Kari Kapitan Sauce

14.Pomodoro Sauce

15.Lemon Sauce

16.Pizza Base Sauce

17.Prawn Soup Paste

18.Premium Carbonara Sauce

19.Pumpkin Soup

20.Rendang Chicken Mince Sauce

21.Rendang Sauce

22.Sambal Bawang

23.Sambal Ikan Bilis

24.Satay Sauce

25.Sweet & Sour Sauce

26.Tom Yam Paste

27.Vegetable Curry

28.Vegetarian Satay Sauce


Cooked Meat/Fish/Poultry

1.Ayam Masak Hitam

2.Chicken Spring Roll

3.Chicken & Prawn SpringRoll

4.Chicken Rendang

5.Chicken Wantan

6.Green Curry Chicken

7.Grilled Chicken Wing (Original)

8.Chicken Meatball

9.Teriyaki Chicken Thigh

10.Mix Herbs Chicken Breast

11.Grilled Satay Chicken Thigh

12.Penang Curry Chicken

13.Red Curry Chicken

14.Roasted Chicken Thigh

15.Chicken Satay Chunk

16.Soy Ginger Chicken



1.Boiled Spaghetti

2.Meehoon Goreng Siam

3.Sambal Mee Hoon

4.Steamed Nasi Dagang Kelantan

5.Steamed Nasi Lemak

6.Steamed Seasoned Rice

7.Steamed White Rice


Microwave Ready Meals

1.Chicken Lasagna

2.Mee Hoon Goreng Biasa

3.Mee Hoon Goreng Siam

4.Nasi Ayam

5.Nasi Ayam Masak Lemak Cili Api

6.Nasi Dagang Kelantan Ikan Gulai

7.Nasi Goreng Ayam

8.Nasi Kari Ayam Kapitan

9.Nasi Lemak Biasa

10.Nasi Lemak Royale with Chicken

11.Spaghetti Goreng Mamak


Dim Sum

1.Chicken Dumpling (Siew Mai)

2.Black Pepper Dumpling (Siew Mai)

3.Salted Egg Dumpling (Siew Mai)

4.Crab Dumpling (Siew Mai)

5.Seafood Dumpling (Siew Mai)

6.Chicken Button Mushroom Dumpling (Siew Mai)

7.Yaki Noki Dumpling (Siew Mai)

8.Fried Prawn Dumpling (Siew Mai)

9.Fried Fish Ball

10.Golden Roll

11.Crispy Beancurd Roll (Fried)

12.Beancurd Prawn Roll (Fried)

13.Chicken Glutinous Rice (Loh Mai Kai)


Roti Paratha

1.Roti Paratha (Plain)

2.Roti Paratha (Onion)

3.Roti Paratha (Flakey)

4.Roti Paratha (Chili Garlic)

5.Wholemeal Paratha

6.Dhall Paratha

7.Seaweed Paratha

8.Spiced Salt Paratha


Roti Chapatti

1.Roti Chapatti


Roti Wraps

1.Roti Wraps 9''


Roti Channai

1.Roti Channai Malaysia Style


Naan Bread

1.Tandoori Naan (Original)

2.Tandoori Naan (Cheese)


French Fries/Wedges

1.Shoestring French Fries

2.Crinkle Cut French Fries

3.Spicy Wedges

4.Hash Brown Round

5.Hash Brown Triangle

6.Maestro Fries Straight Cut

7.Maestro Fries Crinkle Cut


Frozen Vegetables

1.Mixed Vegetable

2.Green Peas

3.Sweet Corn


Wantan/Dumpling Pastry

1.Wantan Pastry-Square

2.Dumpling Pastry-Round


Cocktail Prawn & Chicken Floss Roll

1.Cocktail Prawn Roll

2.Cocktail Chicken Floss Roll


Spring Roll

1.Vegetable Spring Roll 60g

2.Cocktail Spring Roll (Vege)

3.Premium Cocktail Spring Roll



1.Vegetable Samosa 60g (Curry Potato)

2.Cocktail Samosa (Curry Potato)


Curry Puff

1.Curry Puff (Curry Potato)


Mini Buns

1.Mini Bun (BBQ)

2.Mini Bun (Red Bean)

3.Mini Bun (Custard)

4.Mini Bun (Kaya)

5.Mini Bun (Lotus)



1.Pau Red Bean

2.Pau Vegetable

3.Pau Kaya

4.Pau Lotus

5.Pau Coconut

6.Pau Custard

7.Pau Sambal Ikan Bilis

8.Pau Rendang Ayam

9.Pau Curry Potato



1.Mini Mantou (Plain)

2.Mini Mantou Chocolate

3.Mini Mantou Pandan

4.Mantou (Plain)

5.Mantou (Pandan)

6.Mantou (Chocolate)

7.Multigrain Mantou


Flower Roll/Silver Thread Loaf/Bun

1.Flower Roll

2.Mini Flower Roll (Plain)

3.Mini Flower Roll (Chocoloate)

4.Mini Flower Roll (Pandan)

5.Mini Flower Roll (Strawberry)

6.Wholemeal Flower Roll

7.Spring Onion Flower Roll

8.Silver Thread Loaf

9.Whole Wheat Soft Bun

10.Lotus Leaf Bun 30g

11.Lotus Leaf Bun 60g


Spring Roll Pastry

1.Spring Roll Pastry 5''

2.Spring Roll Pastry 6''

3.Spring Roll Pastry 7.5''

4.Spring Roll Pastry 8.5''

5.Spring Roll Pastry 10''

6.Shredded Pastry


Glutinous Rice Ball

1.Glutinous Rice Ball Black Sesame

2.Glutinous Rice Ball Peanut

3.Glutinous Rice Ball Red Bean

4.Glutinous Rice Ball Durian

5.Mini Glutinous Rice Ball Black Sesame

6.Mini Glutinous Rice Ball Peanut

7.Mini Glutinous Rice Ball Red Bean

8.Mini Rainbow Rice Ball

9.Triple Happiness

10.Mini Rice Ball (Pandan)

11.Mini Rice Ball (White)

12.Savory Rice Ball BBQ Chicken

13.Savory Rice Ball Chicken Mushroom &   



Soy Meat

1.Vegetarian Chicken Chunk

2.Vegetarian Pandan Chicken

3.Vegetarian Satay Chicken

4.Pakora - Indian Style


Puff Pastry

1.Puff Pastry Square 4''

2.Puff Pastry Square 5''

3. Puff Pastry Square 8''

4.Puff Pastry Block

5.Puff Pastry 10''


Premium Muffin

1.Banana Muffin

2.Vanilla Raisin Muffin

3.Chocolate Muffin

4.Mini Muffin Banana

5.Mini Muffin Vanilla Raisin

6.Mini Muffin Chocolate


Pita Bread

1.Pita Bread Plain 5.5''

2.Pita Bread Wholemeal 5.5''


Garlic Bread/Garlic and Bay Leaf Butter

1.Garlic Bread

2.Garlic Butter Spread

3.Blended Spread


Bakery Products

1.Baked Croissant 70g

2.Baked Mini Croissant 32g

3.Pizza Based 7''

4.Frozen Dough Ball (Original)


Filament Stick

1.Filament Stick 500g

2.Filament Stick 250g


Tortilla Wrap

1.Tortilla 8'' Original

2.Tortilla 8'' Wholemeal

3.Tortilla 10'' Original

4.Tortilla 10'' Wholemeal


Nugget/Fried Chicken

1.Crispy Golden Fried Chicken Hot & Spicy

2.Crispy Golden Fried Chicken Original

3.Crispy Chicken Nugget

4.Tempura Chicken Nugget


CNY Items

1.Gold Cake (S)

2.Gold Cake (L)

3.Gold Cake (XL)

4.Yuan Bao


6.Double Happiness (S)

7.Double Happiness (L)

8.Premium Gold Cake Gift Set


Rice Bite

1.Cheesy Italian Rice Bites

2.Cheesy Mexican Rice Bites

3.Spanish Paella Rice Bites

4.Tom Yam Rice Bites

5.Nasi Goreng Rice Bites

6.Ham & Spinach Rice Bites

7.Potato & Cauliflower Rice Bites(Aloo Gobi)



1.Potato Croquette (Original)

2.Spinash & Cheese Croquette

3.Spicy Potato & Cauliflower Croquette

  (Gobi Tikki)

4.Curry Potato Croquette (Bergedil)


Sweet Potato Ball

1.Sweet Potato Ball


Kuih Koci

1.Kuih Koci Red Bean

2.Kuih Koci Coconut

3.Kuih Koci Mung Bean

4.Kuih Koci Peanut


Bean Curd Sheet

1.Salted Bean Curd

2.Fried Bean Curd


Frozen Onigiri

1.Frozen Onigiri Nasi Lemak with Sambal

  Ikan Bilis & Egg

2.Frozen Onigiri Teriyaki Chicken

3.Frozen Onigiri Salmon Mayo


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